About two years ago, when I started this blog, I had no idea I was going to end up making 6,300 confessions, along with having thousands and thousands of followers. Most of all, I had no idea this blog was even going to last this long.

I’m sure there’s quite a lot of you who remember how active this blog used to be at the start. I used to post A LOT compared to how much I post now. Literally 140 confessions a week— 20 a day, every single day. Now, I post maybe 15 a week. Not because I’m tired of it, or because people aren’t submitting in, but because the confessions people are sending in are ones that have already been made. Makes sense since there’s over 6,300 confessions on my blog… confessions were bound to slow down (which they obviously have), or are going to stop because then they will just be repeats.. which leads me to the whole point of this post… which I’m sure you guys have seen coming:

This Skins Confessions Blog has done its course. In other words, I’m no longer posting confessions on here anymore.

If any of you are wondering, NO. I’m not deleting this blog. SO many of you still enjoy this blog, I’m leaving it up here so you guys can still go through the thousands of confessions on here and the other goodies I have.

Anyway, I’m trying to make this short and sweet. it’s been a good run, guys. I’ll miss posting and coming on here. It was fun while it lasted, definitely.

By the way, here’s all my personal thingys:

Tumblr: igotbrowniesfromyourmother.tumblr.com

Twitter: @_imchristina

Instagram: @himynameischristina_

And of course, thanks to everyone for making this blog pretty successful! No doubt you guys are the reason why this blog ran for this long.